Do you feel like your strengths and talents are being wasted?

Do you feel stuck in your work and personal life? When you struggle to identify your value or use your strengths well, your success is at stake


When we struggle to know our talents, it lowers productivity and morale. It can also result in interpersonal conflict, causing toxic interactions. Well-intentioned yet diverse talents collide even when everyone is trying to be their best, but not understanding the strengths of the people around them.


By learning about your strengths, your talents will start to shine through! You will be able to better understand who you are, and your place in the world.

When I first learned about my strengths I reveled in the science that validated my own insights. I felt celebrated on a new level and started to truly own my gifts.

Life shifted, with renewed clarity!


Join the Strength Strategy Program!

Join the program and receive personalized strength coaching from a certified ACC coach and a Strength Strategy Certified Strategist (SSCS). You not only gain insight into your strengths, but you will receive tools to map out your strengths and blind spots, so you can easily assess which strengths you utilize the most, those you value, and those you ignore.

When you join a Strength Strategy program, you will receive:

  • Tools to map out your strengths and blind spots, so you can easily assess which strength you utilize the most, those you value, and those you ignore.
  • A fun introductory diagnostic call to assess exactly where you are in understanding your strengths and your goals for doing so.  We will put together a strategy for you to maximize your strengths while learning more about them.
  • An in-depth strengths assessment and report that we will use in our coaching sessions. We use the best assessment in the industry: the Gallup CliftonStrengths.
  • 2 group coaching call sessions, available weekly, to not only understand how others see your strengths, but to understand how strengths found in your blind spot, affect your success too.  This has been reported to be one of the best ways to integrate your own strengths and learn how to communicate their value as well as ask for what you need to be your best. The layers of learning that occur within a group discussion produce 20% faster results in retention.
  • After your first group session, you will book an individual virtual session with Carole to provide you personal analysis of your results, challenges, and goals  of implementing what you need to be your best. (This private virtual session is included in the price of the course.)
  • Upon completion of your second group coaching session you have the option to continue to an additional rate with group coaching, or pivot into private session to tackle your own needs outside of a group.

All sessions are conducted with Carole Stizza, a certified ACC coach and a Strength Strategy Certified Strategist (SSCS).


What Makes This Program Unique

The combined use of Gallup and People Acuity reveals exceptional data validated from over 50 years of research and integrates insights from one of the top 100 coaches in the world.  Deanna Murphy, founder of People Acuity, is world renowned for providing useful tools to maximize one’s strengths with new and cutting-edge information. Carole has been certified through People Acuity, and is able to share additional insights with you.

By tapping into this information with a certified coach, you gain in-depth knowledge of your contributions and needs, tools to maintain your strength use, and proven methods that help you stay at your best.

Meet Carole Stizza!

Carole’s method is steeped in her educational background, research, experience, and assessment. It’s also based on her ability to both ask the right questions and help her clients arrive at the right answers for themselves.

In addition to over 20 years of experience in the field, Carole holds a master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, which supplements her natural curiosity and problem-solving skills surrounding human relationships and human resources.

Her clients include recent college graduates, corporate executives, individual business owners, and human resource departments from companies all over the country.

Let Carole guide you!

"Carole’s Strength Strategy Session was a game changer! It is one thing to take an assessment and find out what your labels are. It is a whole different thing to know how to use the information in real-life settings. During the session, Carole will give direct feedback using specific examples of how to employ those strengths – not only for our own strengths benefit, but how to implement them with people in both our work and personal lives."

Jane White
Manager of Financial Services, Lea+Elliott, Inc.

"In less than a day, Carole was able to help me focus not only on my core talents, but to reveal practical ways in which I could better address my corresponding "blind spots." Carole gave me SPECIFIC tools to help me communicate what I truly need to deliver maximum impact for my employers, clients and co-workers. I've already applied these lessons. She's a gem!"

Melinda Gipson
Independent Blusiness Consultant at Small Business Growth Alliance, D.C. Metro

Knowing Strengths Has an Impact on the Workplace

Have you ever watched two people talking about the same thing but in different ways, causing more drama than necessary? Or have you ever worked with a client who just couldn’t grasp what you were trying to offer?

Do you struggle to improve the situation? Wish you could bridge the conversation so that both felt heard, understood, included, and part of the solution?

This is where understanding individual strengths helps


Gallup has revealed that 1 in 10 managers have the natural talents to be a great manager, and only 2 in 10 have talents that can be trained to excel at management. This leaves 82% of those currently in a management position miscast in the wrong role, lacking the natural strengths to excel (even with training).

This creates the ‘bad manager’ category that costs our economy an average of $350 Billion due to organizations promoting managers based on tenure or excellence in non-managerial roles, and not based upon the known strengths needed to be a productive manager.


Is there someone at work that just doesn’t seem to listen or jive with how you like to work?

Or someone always reflecting upon the past and how things 'used to be done'?

Or someone who loves details so much that they can’t move past them? Or someone who always talks about the vision without realizing what must be done to get there?

Does it leave you and your team without the clarity to move forward?


Jump Right In

Purchase your Strength Strategy Session or book a call for any questions you need answered: Gain immediate knowledge.

Few More Questions First?

Let's Ask Carole!

1. "Can’t I just take the assessment on my own?"

Sure. You can go to Gallup strengths center, pay to take your own assessment, and enjoy reading about yourself. Then what? It’s great to read about yourself and feel a connection to the information but the reports don’t tell you what to do next.

In fact, Gallup actually suggests getting a coach! They suggest books. They suggest reports. They suggest learning more. What if you could find the assessment reports, the same information that the books offer, additional reports that no one else if offering, AND a recommended coach all in one place? 

This is it! That's me! I am not only certified in helping you interpret and understand your results, but providing additional reports, tools, and tips on how to look for opportunities to be your best while being open to others being their best too as well.

2. "What if I’ve already taken my strength assessment?"

Great! I simply verify that you have access to all 34 strengths and we deduct the cost of the assessment from your overall cost.  I do require the report of all 34 strengths before I do this – many times people simply pay for the top 5 report and don’t realize they have access to all 34.  Gaining that access requires an additional payment which we can do within the cost of the package. I always reimburse for any costs already incurred.

3. "What if I only received my top 5 strengths when I took the assessment?"

Don't worry, you won't have to take the assessment again. All information is stored online until you are ready for it. To receive the additional strengths for all 34 you will need to revisit the website and find your information. If you need to pay for that – I include it in my costs and will happily deduct that expense from the package price. All that matters is that you have all 34 to work with.


Join the Strength Strategies Program for $697 $397

You will gain clarity on how to

  • Balance your top strengths.
  • Understand and maximize your own strengths around others.
  • Ask for what you need to maintain being your best self.
  • Work with people who are toxic, so you can remain working at your best!

As soon as you are in the program, you will receive a link to take the Gallop Strengths Assessment and we will schedule your coaching sessions. It's time to start to learn, grow, understand, and actually start seeing yourself at your best!


Not ready to sign up? Let's still stay in touch!

Every week, I send out a helpful article on how to figure out the value you bring to the world so you have satisfaction in life. Come learn how to optimize your life for success!


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