Land the Job Offer - Every time!

Do you land the interview but not the job offer?

Do you stumble through answers, unsure of what needs to be shared?

If either of these sound familiar....


Let's fix that!

Any of the above sound familiar? Than Your Mission!
Should you choose to accept it:

Is to confidently maximize every interviewing opportunity with prepared ‘snapshots’ of your skills-in-action and never let an employment opportunity, promotion, or new client pass you by without landing the offer.

This is Not your Average Training

If you REVIEW all that is available to you, NO ONE is teaching you how to answer every type of interview question with as much effectiveness, confidence, and information as offered in this training.

"Carole is a wonder coach! Every time after I spoke with Carole, I got off the phone feeling EMPOWERED! What amazed me the most is how she thinks. She has a unique way of pointing out my strengths...I have a new way of thinking about myself after working with her. I promise if you work with her, you will not be disappointed."

Kala Sanders
Transitioned from IT to Registered Nurse

In this program you will learn

Easy to use formulas to implement - even when you are nervous
Information on what an interviewer truly needs to hear 
Tips, formulas, and information on the types of interview questions you will face
Mock Interview coaching sessions to perfect what you need to share
Support to cheer you on, help when needed, and celebrate your goals
Strategies in how you prepare for, approach, and handle yourself during interviews

Which will assist in

Increased awareness of what you have to offer
Increased confidence in handling the unexpected in your interviews
Skill to communicate stories about what you’ve accomplished without bragging
Increased competence in communicating your talents
Stepping into interviews and knowing exactly why you are the best candidate
The ability to keep cool under pressure
Ask questions in return to make sure the job is the right fit for you too.

What’s inside the course

Inside this course are modules to walk you through:

Pull info from your resume and experiences that showcase you at your best.
Formulas that help you think on your feet and confidently share experiences 
Know how to identify different types of interview questions
Know how to clarify interview questions
Know how to answer any interview question
Know how to provide space for the interviewer to ask you more questions
Practice to develop your own interview answers that showcase you at your best
Mock Interview questions and what questions to be prepared to ask in return
Tips that interviewers expect but will never tell you
Access to up-to-date research and information from other experts
A schedule of Group Q&A / Laser Coaching sessions to be held each week
In invite to join our closed Interviewing UP Facebook group
Access to me anytime via email and
Private coaching sessions


"My success hinged on the communication skills I learned in the sessions within this training. ~ Bobby F. (Trained in person - was first to gain an offer in less than 3 sessions.) "

CFA Managers
Promoted to New Franchise Owners

Nail the Interview!

Why Did I Create This Course ?

In all my time interviewing to gain work as we moved with the military, I struggled to understand what each interviewer really needed to hear from me to know why I would be a good fit for the job they advertised. 

Yes, I've missed opportunities because of the interview. 

I've settled for the easy to get job and been frustrated at not landing the job I really knew would be the best fit with the right challenges.

I've said too little,

I've said too much,

or I've concentrated on just one of my many successes throughout the whole interview, denying the variety of all my experiences to shine through. 

I knew I needed to know more about how to interview successfully.

So I started working in human resource roles.

I watched as even the interviewer tried to figure out which questions to ask to gain the right information and fit for the new position.

I wondered how to solve this riddle.

Attaining my education was done to understand how talent management really worked.

I specialized in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O).

Researchers in I/O specifically target how to attract, keep, and grow great talent. 

Why was this research not helping talent get the right job?!

After graduating, working with clients, I quickly realized that NO ONE  was teaching anyone how to answer the very questions being developed. 


So I jumped out on my own to coach this very topic.

I then had the privilege of working for a client who needed his rock star managers to promote up.

When I developed this training - the results were spot on! 

It worked 100% of the time when each manager applied for a new role! 

It has continued to work for each of my clients who have used it during the interview.

Now I knew how to help the job candidate level the playing field!


How does it work?

Sign up and schedule your coaching call and we will assess exactly where you’re at on your interview journey.

Jump into the modules and start working through the questions and assignments.

Join our closed Facebook group.

Make sure you put on your calendar our weekly Group Q&A/Laser Coaching calls

As we progress, half way through, schedule your second coaching call to assess how you are doing and how to maximize everything you need.

Follow the program, be on the calls, and interact to support others.

"Your coaching helped me gain a new found level of confidence from just a couple of sessions with you. Not only did I gain clarity, but I gained the confidence to go for it. I worked hard to achieve my current position, I just lacked the compensation. I renegotiated my position and the results were empowering. Let’s just say I’ve never been happier nor more motivated at work. :)"

Michelle Sosa, PMP
Went after the Promotion!

Nail the Interview!

Who is it for?

  • Graduating college seniors interviewing for their first full time job outside of school,
  • Young professionals going after the promotion or new level interviews to move up in their careers,
  • Those going after the job they don’t want to miss.

Who is not for?

  • This is not for those who are lost in their careers and need career coaching to find their direction.
  • This is not for those who do not have a resume yet.
  • This is not for those who are not serious about going after the job or promotion.

Here's What You Will Learn

Learn what every interviewer and leader wants to hear. 

Learn how to shape stories around problems you've solved into 'snap-shots' of priceless experiences that are in demand.

Learn how to craft 'snap-shots' of your individual skills in action.

Learn exactly how to share those 'snap-shots' during the interview. 

Learn the proven formulas that makes this work. 

Practice these formulas and technique with expert help.

Learn how to talk salary options versus needs.

Learn how to land offers with confidence and certainty.

Learn how this will put your interview success within your control

Learn how this will influence your business environments, your team, and gaining new clients.

By the end of our time together, you will understand how to:

Communicate your way to the job offer and build relationships within the process. 

Be well on your way to achieving interview success,

Gaining future promotions,

New clients,

And even attract the new team member you need to maximize your company's success once you're in an organization!


Using this method - You Will Achieve :

  • You will land the job offers you go after.
  • You will master the ‘tell me about yourself’ answer.
  • You will know the value you have to offer when looking forward in your career.
  • You will know what to share for the promotion interview.

  • You will know how to share your experiences to anyone.
  • You will understand how to answer behaviors-based questions.
  • You will understand unstructured and structured questions and why they exist.
  • You will know how to approach salary questions.

"Carole, there is ABSOLUTELY no way I would have gotten this job without your professional guidance, insight, and expertise. I would have "flooded" the interviewers with tons of erratic information. I am positive I would have lost them in the first 2-3 minutes and I would have been eliminated from the race. I am so happy that I have decided to use the services of a professional interview coach like yourself."

Inessa N. - Award Winning Human Rights Advocate
Had a Great Job - Went after the Dream Job!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, while our coaching calls are live - everything is recorded for you to review and you can work at your own pace in case life gets in the way.

Yes, by all means, join us and share where you are at, what your experience has been so far and we can always help you practice if you are still in the interviewing process.

Yes and No.  Currently this course is offered to you live with the goal of being flexible to build in per the needs of the members – so the course will be delivered fresh each week.  After our time together, it will all be available to you to work through again for as long as you chose with the one request that you attend at least ½ of the coaching calls to practice what you need to ensure your success.

Yes, as long as your connection allows you to connect to our Zoom platform, you’re in!

As much as my heart wants to say yes - guaranteeing you a job is out of my control.  This course is not linked to any individual corporation or recruiting company.  I can guarantee that when you use these techniques, craft examples of your talent in action, and practice that you will be a rock start during the interview.  So far, everyone who has used my method has landed a job offer.  Whether that is the job offer you want is ultimately up to you and the hiring company.  We do talk about this in this course - how to interview the company in return to help you make the best decisions for your success. 

Realistically, 2-3 hours each week depending upon how much time you choose to put into interview preparation.

We have a regular 90 minute coaching call each week and each module is designed to help you work through gathering the information you need, crafting examples of your skills in action, and preparing to practice them in mock interview opportunities that we set up within the coaching calls.

If for any reason, you are not totally satisfied with what you are able to learn, practice, and share -  you're membership into the next course is complimentary with a debrief session to make sure we build into the course the elements you need.  Everyone is unique, building in what you need may help many others too.  We are always open to improving.

Hello, I’m Carole!

Having traveled as a military spouse, a successful business owner, entrepreneur, HR professional, and coach, I'm here to share what I've learned that works. Putting the confidence back in your style, gaining clarity, seeking focus, and taking action are all a part of success.  It's also part of you!  


  • International Coaching Federation - ACC level,
  • MBTI Specialist, 
  • SRHM-Sr. Certified Professional,
  • Strength Strategies Certified Specialist. 

I hold both a Bachelors and Master’s degree in industrial organizational psychology – yep the very people who typically help write those dreaded interview questions -and then who forgot to teach anyone how to answer them – now you know why I’m here – to finish what I started and land you the job offer you want.

Fast action bonus?


If you join us now – you will receive:

  • Individual Coaching calls to assess your specific focus - at the beginning and midway. ($397 Value)
  • Content offered to create  your success, to include celebrating! ($497 Value)
  • Weekly Group coaching calls to practice and answer questions, solve problems, and support one another easily. ($697 Value)
  • A Private FaceBook group to ask questions, pose new interview questions/ answers, and offer support. ($997 Value)
  • Pre and Post Interview Support ($297 Value)
  • Helpful documents and eBook. ($197 Value)
  • Email access 6 days a week to answer all your questions outside of class. (Priceless!)

YOU GET ALL THIS: (VALUED AT $3082.00) FOR $697!$349 



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